Robin Thurston – System Showcase January 2019

The first System Showcase of the year is now available for streaming and download via my Soundcloud page. It is a two-hour mix this time as we decided to let my co-host Andy Green have a rare month off! I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to dig deeper into my sound for this one.


To some extent it had felt like a slow first couple of weeks to the year in terms of new releases. This, though, came to an abrupt halt for me with a Beatport binge the Friday before the show was due with some great music coming out such as Innervisions’ Secret Weapons Part 11 label sampler. I promptly got to work on the mix and with two hours to play with started proceedings at a more leisurely than normal tempo of 118bpm. The mix opens with the slow and refined ‘Native Therapy’ by Zone+ and M.O.S. from Anjunadeep’s Explorations 08 label sampler before transitioning into the lush melodies of Erdi Irmak’s remix of my new track ‘Lost in the Moment’ on BC2. We then have the first of three Innervisions tracks on the mix in the form of Santiago Garcia and Thomas Gandey’s ‘Two Strangers’ before the mix settles into the deeper, more chilled end of prog, starting with MUUI’s ‘Silent Moon’ on Sudbeat.


Deeper tribal rhythms increasingly come to the fore in the mid section of the mix with Hot TuneiK’s ‘Playa CA’, released last year on Particles, flowing into Alex Niggemann’s ‘Bwana’ on Crosstown Rebels before Innellea’s ‘If Sarah Wouldn’t Cry’, one of the standout tracks on the mix, takes us up to the hour mark. Things then go darker and more tribal still before Lehar’s ‘Blue Wolf’ comes in at 1:15 as the melodies return to the fore. As the mix enters its final half hour energy levels rise with Mike Griego’s ‘Paranoid’ on Plattenbank and the set continues on its melodic way building up to the haunting minimal trance of Locked Groove’s ‘From Beyond’ to close out proceedings.


  1. Zone +, M.O.S. – Native Therapy (Anjuna Deep)
  2. Robin Thurston – Lost in the Moment (Erdi Irmak Remix) (BC2)
  3. Santiago Garcia, Thomas Gandey – On Two Strangers (Innervisions)
  4. MUUI – Silent Moon (Sudbeat)
  5. Rory Gallagher – False Gravity (MUUI Remix) (Soul De Anima)
  6. Kasper Koman – Loco Motif (Lost & Found)
  7. Mark Slee, Atish – Chameleon (Nick Warren + Nicolas Rada Remix) (Manjumasi)
  8. Hot TuneiK – Playa CA (Particles)
  9. Alex Niggemann – Bwana (Crosstown Rebels)
  10. Innellea – If Sarah Wouldn’t Cry (Innervisions)
  11. Whitesquare – Dahlass (Whitesquare Series)
  12. Timujin – Lost Diaries (Flying Circus)
  13. Crisstiano, Brigado Crew – Bembe (Eleatics)
  14. Lehar – Blue Wolf (Watergate)
  15. Ede – Jenny (Innervisions)
  16. Undercatt – Matrix (Last Night On Earth)
  17. Mike Griego – Paranoid (Plattenbank)
  18. Tiefstone – Lefstat (RPO Remix) (Sudbeat)
  19. Lee Van Dowski – Waiting For Merlin (Selador)
  20. Solee – Saga (Parquet)
  21. Locked Groove – From Beyond (Locked Groove)

System Showcase airs on Proton Radio ( on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 8pm (EST), 1am (UK), 10pm (Buenos Aires).

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